Thursday, September 23, 2004

Into the storm—not the campaign, but the weather

We rolled into the office pretty late this morning, having indulged in sleeping in, needing to deal with our air conditioning which went on the fritz (again—Robert had it repaired shortly after he arrived), and running some errands. The news upon arrival was a storm track report that has Jeanne making landfall just north of us on Sunday morning. After days of reports stating that it would turn north well out to sea, the idea that it was heading directly for us was truly hard to believe.

However, by evening, the fix was in. Lines at gas stations are long and people are either preparing to hunker down or they are leaving town. Eve was actually already leaving for Yom Kippur tomorrow—she’ll get out, but the question remains when she’ll get back, since it won’t be Sunday, for sure, which was her original plan.

Hurricane panic naturally makes the campaign take a back seat for our volunteers—no one wants to commit to do anything, since it is unclear how bad the storm will be. Being hit with a second hurricane in two weeks is really not helping our progress in terms of increasing volunteer involvement. By the time all the fallout from this hurricane is over, assuming it is similar in impact to Frances, there will be just a month before the election!

So unless we wake up tomorrow and find out the storm has changed its mind, and the forecasts were incorrect, it looks as if I’ll be experiencing my first hurricane this weekend. Believe me, I intend it to be my last as well. Robert says we will be safe in the apartment as long as it does not elevate to a Category 4 or 5 storm. Currently it is predicted that it will be a level 3 when it comes in. We can expect to lose power, but apparently we are located in a grid that is somewhat important, since he was only without power for 56 hours during Frances, whereas others were out of power for 13 days!

Tomorrow I am taking a half day going to visit my great-aunt Lillian who lives in Hollywood. I already was planning to take Saturday off, so that leaves me with a long, if potentially unpleasant, weekend. I can always do data entry from home, as long as the power and internet connections hold!

To my surprise, we haven’t gotten any angry phone calls about being turned away from Wednesday’s event. In other positive news, Shayna, an intern at the office, showed me her picture with John Kerry—she had been part of the motorcade on Wednesday. (Please take a look.) Lucky her!

Cross your fingers for us. Either God hates Florida, or the Bush family is now controlling the weather in an attempt to wash out our campaign!


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