Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Santa Kerry Comes To Town

As if our office weren't already the definition of chaos, today everyone descended upon us to pick up tickets to the Kerry town hall meeting. In this county is so much enthusiam for Kerry and frustration about how he is doing nationally that an event designed to be about heathcare and targeted at seniors has the potential to turn into a giant monster rally.... Also, the Bushies are planning to protest our meeting, and Rudy Giuliani is apparently speaking here in West Palm Beach tomorrow as well. I'm captain of volunteers for the ticket detail, so this will really put me on the front lines. Hope I can take the pressure!

The craziness of the office continues, but it does not bother me half as much as it did when I first got here because I'm beginning to get used to it. Sadly, one can even be habituated to unacceptable situations!

Today I saw something on Fox about a possible Kerry campaign link to the whole 60 minutes fiasco--I'm scared to actually go see if that is more than conservative propaganda. It is truly frightening to think that something like that could endanger Kerry's chances--which it could. Doesn't seem to matter to enough people that Bush has been responsible for over 1000 soldiers' deaths in Iraq, not to mention countless Iraqi civilians. I hope that tomorrow that Kerry will reassure me and all of us that he can be counted on to remind Americans of all the horrible things Bush and his croanies are responsible for--will nothing ever stick to the teflon president?


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