Friday, September 17, 2004

TGIF! Wait, we work weekends!

I thought I’d work only a half day today, to take a break before the weekend, but the hours have a way of slipping away here. We got our copy machine today, courtesy of the same person who is paying for our printing, which is great news: we are going to crank out probably 10,000 copies to prepare for these organizing conventions Saturday and Sunday.

Kerry appeared on the local news here tonight, in anticipation of a Florida visit next week. Depending on whose numbers you believe, Bush is either pulling away or Kerry is closing the gap. I’ve also been exposed to the ads for both sides since I’ve been here, since it’s a swing state. Those ads are why we don’t have a state-of-the-art office: all the money goes toward advertising. Apparently, you have to win or at least keep close the message war, and then turn out the vote. Turning out the vote doesn’t matter if you haven’t won in the message department first.

And finally, you will all be happy to know that Jeanne is now a tropical depression and is headed back out to sea!


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