Thursday, September 30, 2004

Victory in Florida

Did you see that? Robert and I thought Kerry absolutely nailed it. Bush came across as the dolt he is. Of course, the Republicans will probably find a way by tomorrow to make intelligence somehow a bad trait for a Commander-in-Chief, but hopefully Americans will remember the pointed contrast between the poised and articulate Kerry and a blubbering and repetitive Bush. The cherry on our sundae here was watching “The Daily Show” afterward—Jon Stewart is absolutely hysterical. I highly recommend catching the show on a regular basis (11pm Mon-Thursday on Comedy Central).

Hopefully the numbers tomorrow will confirm what I think was clear tonight—that Kerry did what he had to do, namely he clarified his position on Iraq, and he fought off the label of being a flip-flopper. I wish Kerry could have worked in the idea that Bush’s idea of leadership is being able to drive a car into the wall and not blink, but I’ll settle for what he did say.

I don’t think I feel good about Kerry’s performance because I’m for him. In fact, I think my passionate desire to see him win makes me all the more critical, because there is no point in deluding oneself. This feels like a real boost after all the negative energy that has been circulating regarding the management of the national message. I think that not only will tonight persuade some undecided voters, it will also silence a lot of the Kerry quarterbacking that coming from supporters. I think we should take heart in the fact that Americans made the right choice four years ago (Gore won, not only in Florida, but also in the nation as a whole), and now with the stakes as high as they’ve ever been, there is no reason why they won’t make the clear choice now. Kerry is a good candidate. I think he made that clear. I think tonight made the election Bush vs. Kerry, and not Bush vs. Anyone But Bush, and I have to say, that feels good.

Today Robert and I went out and got some local cell phones with unlimited minutes in order to compensate for the miserable inadequacy of our office system. There is so much we could be doing in the office that we simply can’t because we don’t have those essential resources like enough phone lines. It felt good today to actually do something about it instead of just bemoaning the situation. Also, we act as ambassadors for our cause everywhere we go. One of the women helping us at the phone store thought she had to have a Florida driver’s license in order to register to vote, and therefore she hadn’t registered. We informed her that that simply was not true, and told her she could come fill out a registration form at our office. If she hasn’t come in by tomorrow, I’ll walk over there and take her one. It really is amazing how you can bring people into the electoral fold just by talking about it, just by saying “are you registered to vote?”.

So, onward to victory, one debate and one voter at a time!


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