Thursday, October 28, 2004

Do you copy?

The ranks are swelling, and I have moved into the copy room in order to manage our resources and prevent people from breaking the machines. This morning was a nice “worst case scenario”—both the network and the toilets in the ladies’ room were out of order. I got us back online with the phoned-in assistance of our tech guy, and I left the toilet problems to the plumber.

I don’t expect there to be many dull moments from this point forward, though this meeting I’m sitting in right now might just qualify. I have no qualms about not staying until all hours, even though I suppose it behooves me to keep myself as in the loop as possible. There are simply too many people now involved to keep this meeting down to a reasonable length.

The other thing in which I don’t have any interest is the celebrity visits. Today we had the Women’s Tour sweep through, which included Kristen Dunst and Julia Louis Dreyfus. It must be nice to feel as is you can make a contribution simply by showing up and making a few phone calls for the sake of a photo op. People were photocopying their phone banking sheets as souvenirs!

The fact that there are only five days left in this thing strikes me as downright unreal. While I think that our effort is going well, I don’t have any faith in the county to pull off a fair and orderly election. Record turnout is predicted in this county, but that is meaningless if you cannot keep the voters in what are expected to be rather long lines at polling places. I’m convinced that we will not know who will be the next president is at the end of Nov. 2nd, not only because of Florida, but because of other states that may even have worse problems. It will be particularly unsatisfying to go to bed that morning not knowing the outcome. I’m not sure this country can handle another contested election, especially if Kerry wins the popular vote as Gore did, but then Bush is installed into another term by the courts.

But for now the minutiae of print, copy and fax jobs keeps me focused in the moment. Tomorrow there is a rally—Kerry is here in West Palm Beach. It needs to be a success, since it is so close to the election. We’ll see. Things have changed so much from the days when I could work an event—even though those days are not very long ago. Now I just try to minimize their impact on our overall operations.

The meeting is over. Time to hit the road so I can hit the hay, and come back early and start again.


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