Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Flattery will get you everywhere

The Edwards event was a much less stressful experience, although we thought the advance team made some poor choices. Rallies are standing events, but the idea that people, many of whom are older, can stand for 3 hours on a concrete floor is ridiculous. It’s just unrealistic. The venue size in this case wasn’t an issue, although since the location on the tickets was the same, many people might have assumed that it would be the same room as last time and so stayed away. The best part about the event this time, for me, anyway, is that I got to attend it! I don’t think I’d ever been to a political rally before, unless you count anti-war marches, but I don’t, since I was never into the speeches and it wasn’t about one candidate. He is a good speaker, and we were all pretty pumped up after the debate. I don’t understand why the polls and pundits call it a tie. I think we ought to start talking about the conservative media bias in this country!

We had a nice lunch afterwards before heading into the office. Chad, a staff member who has now taken over much of the organization for West Palm Beach (one of many cities with Palm and/or Beach in the name within this county), has identified me as the flyer queen, so he has me making materials. Tonight he told me that my flyer on early voting (the final locations and times just came out today) is going to win us the election! Chad is very enthusiastic, and he knows how to make people feel jazzed, but he might not be exaggerating too much in this case, as early voting is an essential part of this election. As proof, I offer you the phone call I had tonight. A woman called saying she had gotten a call about early voting (possibly from one of our phone banks, or maybe an auto-dial by the DNC) and called our office to inquire. I informed her that early voting did not take place at her usual voting location, and gave her the address of the early voting location (off the flyer I’d just made) to her. Information is power, and disseminating that information is power in action. I was quite excited and ran to tell Chad after I got off of the phone. I think it must be the fact that there is some leadership in the office in the places where it was most lacking that has me now really into it. I was the one tonight who wanted to stay later than we usually do—we left at 9:20. And we agreed to go in earlier than our late-morning arrival time tomorrow, so it looks like we could be falling into the hours more similar to the younger workaholic staff.

One of our new arrivals, Rudi, who is working with Chad, read me this post-debate story ( that I have to share with you. Apparently, Dick Cheney, when he was trying to deny the entirely true charges against him regarding Halliburton, told voters to go to He really meant, since the former was owned by Name Administration, Inc., took the liberty of redirecting that page to one owned by George Soros titled “Why we must not re-elect President Bush: a personal message from George Soros.” That’s just classic. Plus, even the independent site that he meant to mention does nothing to refute the charges mentioned by Edwards. And how about Cheney being stupid enough to claim he’d never met Edwards when there is video coverage of them sitting together at a prayer breakfast? Edwards got a lot of mileage today out of this idea, saying “I bet the Vice President won’t forget he sat next to me last night!” Very amusing.

So the campaign is sucking me in. I felt today at the rally that we’ve gotta win and we are gonna win. Robert and I get lots of positive comments about our Kerry support, usually manifested plainly on us by our pins. If anyone wants a Kerry sticker in Hebrew, let me know. I’m sending one to my grandma.

I realize I might not be getting a lot of regular readers, but I thought I’d mention for what it’s worth that you can post comments to my posts that everyone can see. I’d love to hear from you all!

26 days till VICTORY!


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