Saturday, October 02, 2004

Like a bridge...

Robert and I attended to some errands in the morning, including stopping at this local greengrocer that has evolved into a gourmet market—meaning they actually sell products I get easily in California and New York. So after weeks of walking completely demoralized through Florida grocery stores, I was ecstatic to buy some of my favorite foods again. Florida appeared to me at first to be a complete cuisine wasteland (though fast food is a heck of a lot cheaper here, and I do have a weakness for Taco Bell…) but it does have its diamonds in the rough. For example, we discovered a really yummy Indian place in a strip mall across from the office. I haven’t gathered the courage to try sushi here, however, lest it disappoint.

We went into the office in the late afternoon to be of use for a few hours. John Edward’s advance team is upon us now as he is coming in for a rally on Wednesday after the debate Tuesday night. Robert saved their butts by catching the fact that they had the wrong day and month on the flyer for Wednesday’s event. These kids work too hard! Also, more and more people are arriving in our office from other parts of the country as the election draws nearer. Things are going to get continually busier, that is pretty clear. I actually figured out today for the first time why I’m not tempted to put in those 15 hours days that are the norm among the staff—I’m just not willing to run myself into the ground to make up for the inefficiencies and disorganization of others. I’m not enough of a martyr to try to lay my body down like a bridge across the chasm. Plus, I know there is no way I could solve everything, so it’s better not to try. Maybe if I were younger I’d feel more driven to live, eat, sleep and breathe the campaign. But Robert and I are content to be effective in the way that we have been thus far—and we are probably more effective because we are not so sleep-deprived!


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