Saturday, October 30, 2004

The Scorpios

If you aren’t into astrology, you are just going to roll your eyes at this, but I have to say that it is absolutely uncanny how many Scorpios are participating in this election effort. 10.29 was the birthday of Megan, a relatively recent arrival, and 10.30 is Sarah’s birthday. And as many of you may recall, 11.2—Election day itself—is my birthday. There are just so many birthdays in late October in this office, it’s quite remarkable.

Tonight we went out to celebrate Megan and Sarah’s birthdays, after presenting them with cake in the office, which was organized by one of our very cool receptionist volunteers named Stephanie. It is absolutely stupid of me to be going out considering I have to be up and functioning with a full supply of patience in just a few hours, but once we clinked our champagne glasses, it was all over. That stuff goes right to one’s head, especially after a full day in the poorly ventilated copy room.

It was truly odd—Megan, Sarah and I were hoping for an intimate evening, but over 20 people from the office eventually showed up. Even if we lose on Tuesday, we can take credit for a bunch of Democrats actually managing to pay our tab at this very chic-chic restaurant in West Palm Beach. It was just over $700! The food was good, and despite the sign on the door that said “dressed code enforced,” the waiters were unpretentious.

This dinner was by far the more interesting part of my day. I sit in the copy room now, and even if I’m not busy, I take pride in the fact that I’m protecting our resources just by my presence. I made a few forms, and did a number of other things in addition to my usual duties as copy mistress and message guru, but I am trying to steer clear of much of the other messiness of the office. I have learned that I’m still useful even if I’m not always busy. I don’t care to be busy, quite honestly—I have many moments where I’m just counting down the seconds until this thing is over. The only thing I dislike more than grass roots politics is the thought of four more years of Bush! Just 4 more days to go…...


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