Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Top of the ninth

I don’t know what has more tension, this presidential election in Florida or game six of the ALCS! They might have to send those cops on the field down here if things go badly on Election Day. Robert and I are rooting for the Sox, because it is more fun than rooting for the Yankees, but these long games are keeping me from fulfilling my promises to go to bed early! Baseball however is a welcome distraction from our presidential playoff….

I’ve been reading the New York Times the past few days, including its endorsement of Kerry published on Sunday. I don’t think I should allow myself to speculate about what will happen should Bush win or steal another term, but it is hard to avoid falling into a depressed state about this whole thing. We turned in over 1,000 more absentee ballot requests today that have a good chance of not being mailed in time. Actually, the push for voting by mail has been so big that I have a feeling (based on some evidence of this) that many people submitted more than one request, which actually hurts the entire process by creating more work for the overwhelmed SOE. And on top of that, we are encouraging people to go vote now even if they have requested an absentee ballot, meaning that many people could receive their ballots after they have voted, and thus (we hope!) not use them. One only hopes that the out-of-state requests get where they need to be in time, since those folks have no other options.

Early vote continues to proceed, despite problems at some locations (the Boca Raton location didn’t open this morning, though I never heard why), and lines everywhere. The office keeps adding staff people of various sorts from various disciplines (press, legal, etc.) and volunteers are beginning to stream in more steadily. We have made much progress on our voicemail issues, having dedicated 3 of our 5 hard lines to answering incoming calls. It has really helped—after not checking for a day, essentially, we only had 6 messages. I almost cried I was so happy when I found that out.

The absentee ballot requests should hopefully stop coming in, and they have been taking up the majority of my time, so it will be interesting to see what I will end up doing in these final two weeks. Whatever it is, I’ll do my best to keep you posted. For now, I’m off to bed—an ex-Oakland A, Keith Foulke, just got the save to force game seven! Amazing!


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