Monday, November 01, 2004

A Halloween unlike any other

Technically, it is already the day before the election! Our final staff meeting is keeping us here past midnight. Today was another long and busy day of handling copies and printouts and other technical issues, plus trying to do a few things to prepare for 11/2. It is hard to imagine that most people are living normal lives right now, which tonight meant going out and trick-or-treating—in our world, it is all campaign all the time, where days of the week have long ceased to exist, since they are all equally long for us. Tomorrow is going to be absolutely vital if Election Day is going to go well, since we have not even begun to reconfigure the office spatially. The longer this meeting goes on, the more I realize that we are not as prepared as we should be, and we probably won’t be as prepared as we want to be by the time the polls open. We have a functioning rides program and lots of lawyers and pollwatchers set to go to the polls, but we also have too few volunteers to do everything we wanted to do on Election Day to the fullest extent. But if I’ve learned anything over the last month and a half, it is that these things are about action, not about perfection, about something rather than everything. Campaigns are amazing how they mobilize a bunch of strangers to work together to do an incredible amount of work. There is a certain magic to it, actually: today I felt the sheer pride of working toward the common good when Carole King dropped by to rally us and lead us in the singing of “You’re Got A Friend.” After seeing the energy of this place at this point in the game, I understand why people like to participate in campaigns. It is a completely different type of experience now than it was when I first got here.

Now I am home, ready to collapse. I wanted to finish this entry since I’m doubtful I’ll post again before the BIG DAY. I’m optimistic, though it’s true we work in a blissful bubble of Kerry support. If the Red Sox winning the World Series wasn’t a good enough sign, I was told today about the Redskin’s election rule—did you know that the final game before a presidential election of the Washington Redskin’s has correlated to the winner of the presidency since 1932? Apparently, if the Redskin’s lose or tie the final game, the incumbent loses his bid for reelection. And today they lost to Green Bay, 28 to 14. I’m telling you, our karma is good. I can’t promise that Teresa LePore will make things easy—in fact, she’s already made them hard—but I know that we will find a way to win and keep hold of our victory this time. As I’ve seen on a T-shirt in the office: 11.2.2004—the end of an error.


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